Manifesting your business is important in reaching your goal, here are some steps you can try to get your business to the next level!

Today I’m here to talk about the three steps that you take to manifest your business to the next level. I think the thing that we want to think about is, what are these three steps we’re always looking for. Hopefully we’re always looking at how do I get my business to the next level. Whether the next level is from idea to existence in reality, or if it’s making a little bit of trinkle of money to like a gush and flow of money inside your business, any number of these things all require that who we are level up. 

I’ve often heard people say that if you are an online entrepreneur running your business, that running your own business is the number one or number two, it’s definitely the top two personal strategy growth. It’s something that’s really going to take who you are to that next level. So the other one being parenting, and for those of us that are doing both at the same time, whew. Upleveling is happening. So as we like to say in the coaching world “shift” happens.

Three Steps to Level Up Your Manifestations

So what are those three steps that we really want to take to help get our business manifesting to that next level? Because it’s October, I am going to use magic and manifesting, spell related analogy cause why not? And it’s fun. 

Strategy and Planning

So the first thing is strategy and planning. What is the intention of your spell? What is it that you were trying to cause?

So step number one, in terms of leveling up your business is creating the strategy. 

What is that next level that you want to get to and how do you want to get there? The planning of it. So creating a strategy and figuring out, how do I make this intention a reality? How do I have it so that it’s clear and concise?

Part of that is taking some time and really figuring out what your strategy is. So for example, in my business, I’ve been doing a couple of strategies and recently I just assessed that one of these strategies isn’t really providing the ROI that I was hoping for in my business. So going forward in 2022, it’s got a different strategy as far as social media is concerned.

So I’m leaning into advertising and putting my money into different places and trying to come up with a new plan, a new strategy. So there’s the strategy, the overall arching idea of how I’m going to do the thing. And then there’s the actual plan. Mapping out the roadmap of what I think it’s going to take to get me to where I want following the intentions that I’m creating.

So step number one for upleveling is making sure that you have a strategy and a plan that works. And as we move into November, I often think November is a great time to really look at assessing our strategies for next year. Especially for those of us in the United States, we tend to run on a calendar year. A lot of our businesses run on a calendar year.

If you’re in Canada, like my business, bestie, Gary, or in other parts of the world like Australia, a lot of them run a lot of you guys run your businesses in a June to July calendar year. So a lot of that assessment happens then, but why not do it twice? Do it both times a year. 

So, planning is the theme that we’re moving into next month and making sure that we have our planning for 2022 ready with great intentions. It is really clearly planned out. I like to grab a calendar for the whole year and plan all of my big events, my affiliate promotions, my actual launches, et cetera, all of those things. 

So step number one for leveling up your business to manifest and create is make sure that you have a clear strategy and a plan of action to implement it.

Action and Measuring

And so the next thing is the actions and the measuring. This is how well your spell worked. So part of it is the actions that align with the plan that you have created. Cause you don’t want to have a plan and then shelf it right. Then the shelf is right there. We don’t want to stick those plans back there and then forget about them and be like, “Wait, what am I supposed to do today?” 

Some of us creatives get really distracted and ooh, maybe we forget about our plan or maybe it’s not as clear to us in a few weeks as it was initially. And so having a clear strategy and a clear plan can make a difference and then following through on the actions and measuring, because if we’re not measuring it, how do we know if our strategy worked. If I hadn’t been measuring the ROI on my current social media strategy, I wouldn’t be able to say yay or nay that it’s working. So I have to look at the numbers. Is the growth growing at a rate I would like based on the dollars I’m spending and the answer is not so much. So I’m reevaluating, maybe the new strategy is that you guys will see me more often, who knows. 

So dive deep when you are planning actions that you take and then how you measure the progress. Because we want to measure ‘525,600 minutes. How do we measure, measure year?’ But the question is how are you measuring? What are the stats that you were measuring to see how well your magic spell worked.

That’s the manifesting in the world. In reality, if you don’t check to see that you manifest it, poof, how do you know how well your spells work? 

You don’t. 

Mindset and Relationship Shifts

Then from there, step number three is looking at the mindset and relationship shifts that you might need to get to that next level. Determine what is in the way.

Looking at, I said I was going to create this result but I didn’t. I didn’t take action. Because I was stopped by imposter syndrome or something else, or I don’t believe in myself or I have blocks around receiving money or blocks around being seen like all of these different areas that you could look for and having a mindset shift.

Mindsets the term that a lot of us look at or how we think about things. How do we deal with these things in my world? I honestly believe a lot of it’s relationship shifting. For example, one of the things that we do around money inside the Love then Lead membership is that we really start looking at our relationship with money as a personified being right. We start to think of her as our business bestie. And part of it is who are we being in the relationship when we talk to Money? When we are with Money, when we hang out with Money, who are we being in that sense? And to me, I feel that relationship is much more of a heart-centered place. It’s much more of a, inspired way of being hint, hint our relationship with money and everybody else should be coming out of our seven essences. 

If you’re not familiar with our seven essences work, you can check it out. Join our Facebook group, the heart center leaders group. We have some quick free lessons inside there on your seven essences, how to distinguish them and how to bring them to your business, to make sure that it’s completely aligned. 

So that is the fuel of yourself, your seven essences and those mindset shifts. If you have a big launch coming up and all of a sudden you were up against a gremlin, I had a client recently who was up against a gremlin and we named the gremlin. And then we named the other side, like who we know we are and what that other side was saying. It was a great exercise. Like, “Hey, you totally got this.” And how do we keep those things in existence to remember the shifts we had, those shifts and relationships need lots of practice to have this stuff sink in. You can’t just go, “Oh, I have a breakthrough. I’m no longer a disappointment.”

Not that that’s anybody in particular’s mindset, gremlin that shows up all the time. So disappointing Mick, the disappointer is my nasty little gremlin. And so when he shows up, I need to keep practicing being on the other side of being quirky and fun and loving and caring and connecting and all of those things that make me amazingly me and nerdy.

Those are the relationships and the ways of beings that fuel my visit. They fuel me at my highest, best self. So if you’re not measuring, you can’t see where the shift is happening or needs to happen. 

And the measuring is, let’s say you set a goal of a hundred, cause I like easy numbers. And you only had 47. Well, you are 47% living your highest, best self you’re 47% in alignment with the right relationship and the right mindset to hit that a hundred percent. 

I had a client this morning, that just said she had 300 times her previous registrations on her webinar. And I love the number 300%. It’s so exciting. Right? So she can measure that. She’s taken that to the next level 3x her results.

Get in Alignment with the Three Tips

So she knows who she’s being is in alignment and it went above and beyond. So those are my hints for you for today. These are our three tips, our three ways to our three steps to magically manifest inside our business. 

We are creating a strategy and a plan, which is the intention of our spell. Then we are taking actions and measuring how well our spell worked.

From there we are looking at what mindset shifts, what relationships who do we need to be in this relationship with money, with action, with being seen with any of these things that is stopping us from reaching our goals inside of our business. 

Finally, you can prepare to do it all again. Because you guys know how much I love sacred spirals. I love the fact that we’re always on a spiral and sometimes we’re on our way up the spiral and sometimes we’re on our way down and sometimes we go back and forth or up and down. So take the actions.

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